Because every bride is different, every service is slightly different.

Nikita Lauren has fixed rates, however they alter according to the time of the ceremony, number of assistants (if necessary), number of people in the wedding party and where the wedding is taking place.

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Bride, Bridesmaids, Jr Bridesmaids, Mothers, Grandmothers and Guests
   $100.00 pp
Flower girls : Light makeup, blush, mascara, lipstick, eye shadow
   $50.00 pp

Young Flower girls : Blush, lip gloss, shimmer on eyes
   $00.00 pp
Up Style, regardless of individual's hair length
   $100.00 pp
Curled/Half up style
    $80.00 shoulder length, or above
    $90.00 bra length, or above
    $100.00 waist length, or above
    $110.00 below waist length
Vintage Curls, regardless of individual's hair length
    $100.00 pp
Blow Dry, or Curl & Set, for hair above shoulder length only
   from $60.00 pp
Makeup Trial              $110.00
Hair Trial                    $110.00
Makeup & Hair Trial  $210.00

Additional Costs + Terms & Conditions


Extra Long or thick hair may incur an additional fee of $20.00 per person. 


Public holiday surcharges apply.


Christmas Day, including 3 days before & after = $100.00 per artist

New Years Eve & New Years Day = $100.00 per artist

Australia Day, including 2 days before or after = $60.00 per artist

Good Friday, Easter Saturday, Sunday & Monday = $60.00 per artist

Queens Birthday, including 2 days before or after = $60.00 per artist

Labor Day, including 2 days before or after = $60.00 per artist


Minimum call out fee of $300.00 for Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, regardless of the party, excluding travel fee. This is not charged on top of my fees, but rather as my absolute base fee.


The above fees may be subject to change without notice.

Please contact Nikita Lauren regarding half day & full day rates for commercial & private work. This includes video, film, TV, or print.